Sprotalífspeki LEOS 2 stórt

A self help toolkit for creative collaboration, innovation and start-up creation. The Start-up Life Guide is a product and free social service that enables one´s self to help them self in creation of new opportunities and value, to  help people and communities to work together on shared goals and visions. The guides are the core of the start-up life’s ideology. It’s core purpose is development of new type of start up lifestyle and entrepreneurial culture that is based on fair, professional and sustainable values to enrich and train future generations of social innovators, professionals and entrepreneurs. The Start-up life guides are designed as a comprehensive system that can be implemented in coordination with other product and service solutions within the Start-up life model. Ultimately the model is developed to create and train new generation of social innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals through entertainment material, standard forms, contracts, game manuals and gudelines in form of democratically formed acts and regulations that the whole society participate in creating. The aim of the Start-up life guide is to lead a movement of people that works together implementing shared visions and common goals of building products, services and start-ups that put people and human values above profit.

Sooner than later the Start-up life guide will be available to all, free of charge as most products and services of the Start-up Life Model.

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