Social innovation is needed 4 the radical planetary change ahead

Change Ahead-resized-600We as a global society need to direct more resources into social innovation. We need to help and follow the innovators that are not bound by the way we did or do things today. We need to discover those who see how we could and should do things. The collective positive open minded creative people that do not only think outside the box, but the one´s who do not even need the box as left brain comparison to create something new.

Mother Earth needs those creative unbound artists that strive to give new ideas

The fact is that we need to rethink how we do things here in Earth. We need to develop new ideas, concepts and strategies to turn away from the turmoil path that lies ahead if nothing radical is done. We need to build new systems that support social growth, systems that support humans on equal basis so good people with good ideas can make their ideas and dreams come true.

We need leaders that help us create a better chapter in history of human-kind

The fact is that the way we do things today here on Earth is not the right way,  it is not healthy and it is not sustainable for us as a species nor the planet that is slowly being drained and killed by ignorant self centered egotists that are driven by greed for material wealth and power.

We need to ask our self why is the leap of technology that the humankind has being going through the last decades not helping us more to become sustainable? Why do we not have more access to the advanced technology that can really save the planet?

The planetary decline is so large scale, although there is so much prosperity in the field of science and technology. The situation today is not good, the Earth has being under attack for a long time and the humans have played a big role. We have as a species been “managing” things at the best as ignorant infants that do not realize how we can manage the gifts/resources on Earth to sustain-ably create plenty for all habitats on Earth.

13207925Sadly we are way beyond the threshold to avoid the enormous change in a future that is so close, it is so close that current generations will live to see dramatic changes. Therefore we can only in next years and decades prepare us for new way of living here on planet Earth. We need to collaborate and develop self sustainable solutions that provide the foundation, the foundation that humans need to thrive. The VAXANDIhus project maybe the solution for those who choose to invest and participate in development of mass produced smart sustainable eco facilities. At some point smart people, early adapters will discover the advantage of building and living in self sustainable homes, with other like minded and kindred people.

Why do so few that can really make the life on Earth better have the resources to do so?

We need to do something big, ASAP.

We need to create a system that gives us the chance to provide our future social innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals the tools and resources needed to build the solutions that advances the society.

Fortunately this system is being developed in Iceland, Iceland  is the best test market on Earth for new innovative product and service solutions.  Will this system be the system that can save the planet? No, but the active users of this system will be able to enable it to gather resources for development and implementation of social innovation projects that could save really help.

When will this system be ready to user? Today it is hard to say.  The basic structure is clear but there is still quite much programming work ahead. Our vision is that this system will be open source, but that is not something that we can count on, it will depend on the resources that our future social innovators and entrepreneurs will have available to build this new social service system. This should be the first open source social service system that enables people to help themselves and their society to create new opportunities. This is the ultimate self help system. New innovation and entrepreneurial playground for people that choose to collaborate in new creative ways.

The future can become very bright, it could become even more than we can dream of. Iceland is right between Europe and America. We envision Iceland as the center hub for social innovation, the start-up platform for creation of social start-ups.

Will Iceland become the future technology and start-up capital on Earth? Will Iceland become the most advanced society on Earth? A role-model for big scale social innovation?

Sprotalífsleikur - logo

What will happen when we have made social innovation and entrepreneurship in general a fun simple and giving game where the society can work together?


Social Innovation #1

Social innovation is motivated by the goal of meeting some social need. Social innovation can be defined as the act of implementing some new idea whether it is a new model, product,  service, concept, or strategy, creating new social relationships or collaboration like the Start-Up Life Groups that has a benefit for society. Social innovation can also be an organization or company like The Icelandic Start-Up Center that strives to develop and design solutions that meet social needs.

social-innovation-strategyToday is a great time for considering social innovation. Many societies are going through tough times because of things like flawed and in many ways corrupt and outdated systems. There is indeed a space for social innovation in today’s society. The fact that social innovation creates prosperous societies should make people think about why social innovation is not more in the mouth of people today, both at the ground and policy level. It should be considered a common sense to view social innovation as a top priority.

When visionary people come to gather in creative collaboration, some great thing can really happen for the society. It does not take many great people to come up with and implement social innovative ideas that can seriously change the society. Social innovation can be a stimulate for new business models that are made for unmet social needs and new markets that can be developed from ideas like the Start-Up Life Model.

The Start-Up Life Model is not only made for current innovators and entrepreneurs, it is made to activate and train new type of social innovators and entrepreneurs. The model is designed for normal talented people and professionals that want to make their way in life as a free and independent person both in their personal and professional life.

Social innovation should not only be good for society, it should also increase the chance for individuals to act, to enable people to help them self. The Start-Up Life Model is designed to enable individuals to help themself as well as their society to systematically create new opportunities and value.

Social Entrepreneurship 1#

SOCIAL entrepreneursSocial entrepreneurs are those who strive to create solutions to social problems.  They are on a mission to create and sustain social value. Social entrepreneurs are in the business game for the greater good to give to the society, and at the same time getting a fair reward for their effort.

Social entrepreneurship could and should be thought  to children at a early age. The education system should imprint in a child mind the social entrepreneur mindset. 6-10 year old children should understand the concept of business and be aware of the possibility to be free and independent entrepreneur. That is truly a worthy dream that every child should seek.

Successful entrepreneurs are not smarter than you. They are just those who try to figure out and play the game being in business. After the society have been exposed by various of greedy and corrupt entrepreneurs the word entrepreneur is sadly a shame word in some peoples minds because the word is associated with negative labels. The fact is that most entrepreneurs are not bad, but surely there is a space for improvement.

That is why we should train them while they are young, let´s teach our kids the social entrepreneurial way of thinking. Imprint the mindset of giving to earn the right of getting.

The Startup life model is being developed to teach and train the next generation of social innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals. People that practice social entrepreneurship for creation of a better society.

Entrepreneur is defined as someone that organizes, operates and assumes the risk for a business venture. Entrepreneurs are those who:

  • Search for opportunities
  • Find out what people need
  • Find out what can be done better
  • Analyse the society’s problem’s
  • Develop or produce products
  • Turn obstacles in their advantage
  • Start a businesses that makes solutions
  • Automat things
  • Buy and resell things

Sustainable Ecology and Economy System

Sustainability is the attempt to emerge ecology and economy into one system. One sustainable system that serves humans into a great sustainable future. By creating sustainable ecology and economy system society on earth can systematically develop a quality life on earth.


Sustainability means living within the resources of the planet without damaging the environment now or in the future. Iceland has the opportunity to be a role-model as a sustainable society. One of The Icelandic Start-up Centers mission is to develop a sustainable role-model community in Iceland. A community that resembles a living system where human, economic and natural resources are renewed and in balance for long term perpetuity.

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. Sustainability should and is in some ways already a global mission, but the global sustainable mission on earth needs more awareness and understanding. Collaborated mission of sustainability is not only wise for the greater good of human kind and the environment, but it is the only way for earth and its habitats to survive in a prospering planet as we still know planet earth today.

To be sustainable as a consumers depending on natural resources our resources has to grow as much or more than we as a race consume and/or waste, that is not today’s reality. If we waste and consume to much for too long time a planetary death will be a fact sooner that later. Mounting evidence suggests that we are already in this type of downward spiral as we consume and waste much more than planet earth can handle for a long term. This we need to change, we need to adapt new type of lifestyle and culture that leads us to growth and prosperity.

To change this people on this planet need to be more aware of living a sustainable lifestyle.  People need to learn how to life a sustainable lifestyle, sustainable lifestyle is living a life of dignity in harmony with nature.

 Start being sustainable today

  1. Educate yourself, learn about sustainability
  2. Talk about sustainability, educate others
  3. Stop wasting resources
  4. Don´t consume more than you need
  5. See water as a liquid gold, don’t waste it
  6. Recycle, trash and waste often have great value
  7. Sell or give away material stuff you don´t use
  8. Earn respect by being a sustainability role-model

The Start-Up Life Model is an attempt to train social innovators, professionals and entrepreneurs that create sustainable businesses. Start-ups that put people and the planet above easy money.