Social Entrepreneurship 1#

SOCIAL entrepreneursSocial entrepreneurs are those who strive to create solutions to social problems.  They are on a mission to create and sustain social value. Social entrepreneurs are in the business game for the greater good to give to the society, and at the same time getting a fair reward for their effort.

Social entrepreneurship could and should be thought  to children at a early age. The education system should imprint in a child mind the social entrepreneur mindset. 6-10 year old children should understand the concept of business and be aware of the possibility to be free and independent entrepreneur. That is truly a worthy dream that every child should seek.

Successful entrepreneurs are not smarter than you. They are just those who try to figure out and play the game being in business. After the society have been exposed by various of greedy and corrupt entrepreneurs the word entrepreneur is sadly a shame word in some peoples minds because the word is associated with negative labels. The fact is that most entrepreneurs are not bad, but surely there is a space for improvement.

That is why we should train them while they are young, let´s teach our kids the social entrepreneurial way of thinking. Imprint the mindset of giving to earn the right of getting.

The Startup life model is being developed to teach and train the next generation of social innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals. People that practice social entrepreneurship for creation of a better society.

Entrepreneur is defined as someone that organizes, operates and assumes the risk for a business venture. Entrepreneurs are those who:

  • Search for opportunities
  • Find out what people need
  • Find out what can be done better
  • Analyse the society’s problem’s
  • Develop or produce products
  • Turn obstacles in their advantage
  • Start a businesses that makes solutions
  • Automat things
  • Buy and resell things

Experience Start-Up Life of Freedom & Independence

sprotalif litiðWe at the Icelandic Start-Up Center know that deep within ourselves we seek to experience freedom and independence both in our personal and professional life. We seek to be financially independent and free to use our time as we please. At the same time we know that by executing social innovation & start-up projects we can both get the support and give to the society new opportunities and value.

Most innovators & entrepreneurs choose their path because they dream about life of freedom and independence. Those who truly are free and independent have the opportunity to do whatever they want, as mush as they want, whenever and wherever they want.

The Start-up life model is designed to make this a possible reality for the average people. The aim is to give people equal access to solutions, resources and tools for entrepreneurial collaboration in order to grant people opportunity to work and create new value by doing something they love.

Innovators and entrepreneurs live in the “I will” state of mind, not the “I wish”. Those who do what they like to do will experience freedom, those who like what they do experience happiness. The Start-Up Life Groups are for those who invest their time in helping and working with other like minded people to experience true freedom and happiness. The Start-Up Life Groups follow the Start-Up Life Guide to be able to work as much as they want, whenever and wherever they want.