Social Innovation #1

Social innovation is motivated by the goal of meeting some social need. Social innovation can be defined as the act of implementing some new idea whether it is a new model, product,  service, concept, or strategy, creating new social relationships or collaboration like the Start-Up Life Groups that has a benefit for society. Social innovation can also be an organization or company like The Icelandic Start-Up Center that strives to develop and design solutions that meet social needs.

social-innovation-strategyToday is a great time for considering social innovation. Many societies are going through tough times because of things like flawed and in many ways corrupt and outdated systems. There is indeed a space for social innovation in today’s society. The fact that social innovation creates prosperous societies should make people think about why social innovation is not more in the mouth of people today, both at the ground and policy level. It should be considered a common sense to view social innovation as a top priority.

When visionary people come to gather in creative collaboration, some great thing can really happen for the society. It does not take many great people to come up with and implement social innovative ideas that can seriously change the society. Social innovation can be a stimulate for new business models that are made for unmet social needs and new markets that can be developed from ideas like the Start-Up Life Model.

The Start-Up Life Model is not only made for current innovators and entrepreneurs, it is made to activate and train new type of social innovators and entrepreneurs. The model is designed for normal talented people and professionals that want to make their way in life as a free and independent person both in their personal and professional life.

Social innovation should not only be good for society, it should also increase the chance for individuals to act, to enable people to help them self. The Start-Up Life Model is designed to enable individuals to help themself as well as their society to systematically create new opportunities and value.


Social Responsibility

Practice Social Responsibility for Social Growth.

To maintain a balance between the ecosystem and the economy, individuals and organizations has to practice social responsibility. Social responsibility, sustainability and ethics are closely related. Social responsibility is all about enriching the environment and the society that lives and thrives in the environment.

The 21st century global community should not nor can for the long run tolerate those individuals and businesses that do not practice social responsibility. There will always be a debate whether businesses have an obligation to do good for society or only to do good and maximize the profit for shareholders. For people with reasonable ethics this debate will always be obvious that businesses need to be designed for profit, but not at the cost of society.

How to practice social responsibility?

  • social responibilityBy thinking about future generations
  • By giving more than you take from society
  • By protecting the environment
  • By boycotting social harmful companies
  • By avoiding engagement in socially harmful acts
  • By performing activities that advance social goals
  • By pursuing solutions to social problems
  • By investing in social innovation & start-up creation
  • By adopting a mission to create and sustain social value

Now is the time to support those people and businesses that put people and human values over profit. Social responsibility is the act of doing some deeds that makes the society a better place. if all would give more than they take from society then society would sustainable grow into prosperity.

You should think,and behave as the social responsible role model for a better society.

The Icelandic Start-Up Center is a social responsible business that strives to create new social service for those people and businesses that both wants to grow and give to the society at the same time.