Sustainable Ecology and Economy System

Sustainability is the attempt to emerge ecology and economy into one system. One sustainable system that serves humans into a great sustainable future. By creating sustainable ecology and economy system society on earth can systematically develop a quality life on earth.


Sustainability means living within the resources of the planet without damaging the environment now or in the future. Iceland has the opportunity to be a role-model as a sustainable society. One of The Icelandic Start-up Centers mission is to develop a sustainable role-model community in Iceland. A community that resembles a living system where human, economic and natural resources are renewed and in balance for long term perpetuity.

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. Sustainability should and is in some ways already a global mission, but the global sustainable mission on earth needs more awareness and understanding. Collaborated mission of sustainability is not only wise for the greater good of human kind and the environment, but it is the only way for earth and its habitats to survive in a prospering planet as we still know planet earth today.

To be sustainable as a consumers depending on natural resources our resources has to grow as much or more than we as a race consume and/or waste, that is not today’s reality. If we waste and consume to much for too long time a planetary death will be a fact sooner that later. Mounting evidence suggests that we are already in this type of downward spiral as we consume and waste much more than planet earth can handle for a long term. This we need to change, we need to adapt new type of lifestyle and culture that leads us to growth and prosperity.

To change this people on this planet need to be more aware of living a sustainable lifestyle.  People need to learn how to life a sustainable lifestyle, sustainable lifestyle is living a life of dignity in harmony with nature.

 Start being sustainable today

  1. Educate yourself, learn about sustainability
  2. Talk about sustainability, educate others
  3. Stop wasting resources
  4. Don´t consume more than you need
  5. See water as a liquid gold, don’t waste it
  6. Recycle, trash and waste often have great value
  7. Sell or give away material stuff you don´t use
  8. Earn respect by being a sustainability role-model

The Start-Up Life Model is an attempt to train social innovators, professionals and entrepreneurs that create sustainable businesses. Start-ups that put people and the planet above easy money. 


Social Responsibility

Practice Social Responsibility for Social Growth.

To maintain a balance between the ecosystem and the economy, individuals and organizations has to practice social responsibility. Social responsibility, sustainability and ethics are closely related. Social responsibility is all about enriching the environment and the society that lives and thrives in the environment.

The 21st century global community should not nor can for the long run tolerate those individuals and businesses that do not practice social responsibility. There will always be a debate whether businesses have an obligation to do good for society or only to do good and maximize the profit for shareholders. For people with reasonable ethics this debate will always be obvious that businesses need to be designed for profit, but not at the cost of society.

How to practice social responsibility?

  • social responibilityBy thinking about future generations
  • By giving more than you take from society
  • By protecting the environment
  • By boycotting social harmful companies
  • By avoiding engagement in socially harmful acts
  • By performing activities that advance social goals
  • By pursuing solutions to social problems
  • By investing in social innovation & start-up creation
  • By adopting a mission to create and sustain social value

Now is the time to support those people and businesses that put people and human values over profit. Social responsibility is the act of doing some deeds that makes the society a better place. if all would give more than they take from society then society would sustainable grow into prosperity.

You should think,and behave as the social responsible role model for a better society.

The Icelandic Start-Up Center is a social responsible business that strives to create new social service for those people and businesses that both wants to grow and give to the society at the same time.